Hone Your Creative Writing

Catherine Evans Horlick

South East
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19th September 2019
Author | Creativity | Writing | Craft

Creative Writing is a craft like any other. In an entertaining and accessible talk, I cover the following, with reference to my own experience:

  • how to get started on a writing project, whether it's a novel, play, screenplay, short story, poem, article or review.
  • how to grab a reader's attention
  • how to plot your story
  • finding your own unique voice
  • creating realistic and memorable characters that readers will care about
  • writing entertaining and naturalistic dialogue
  • weaving in themes and motifs
  • creating space in a busy lifestyle for writing
  • finding an audience for your work
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About Catherine Evans Horlick

Catherine Evans Horlick is the author of 'The Wrong'un', a novel about a dysfunctional Northern family which was published in 2018. She is also the Editor of www.pennyshorts.com, a website which publishes short stories of all genres by authors around the world. In addition, she's a book reviewer: www.facebook.com/catxevans.

Prior to the publication of her book, Catherine worked in the City for 20 years, primarily for specialist investment firms and hedge funds. She lives in Oxfordshire with her husband and daughter.

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