Be Brexit Ready- killer marketing to keep your Catering business booming!

Jane Mary Ann Martin

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16th September 2019
Hospitality Business | Marketing | Success | Brexit

Potential challenges that face Catering Operations Key tactics to overcome these challenges and put your business at the forefront of your sector focusing on people sales profits How to find and keep staff now and after BREXIT How to keep your offering cost effective, exciting, sexy and engaging How to keep your customers coming back despite uncertainty How to increase Sales and smash profits

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About Jane Mary Ann Martin

Born in Kent, I grew up in a family passionately involved in the community, local clubs and societies and in local politics. As early as my mid to late teens, I too began my journey networking at events, leading and speaking. I studied my passion- Catering, and became a Catering Manager, working for many small and large enterprises in the UK and Europe. In 1990, just before the fall of the Berlin Wall, I went to live in Germany. There I fell in love, worked for many high profile businesses at a senior level such as Hard Rock Cafe and Warner Brothers and established and ran an English Language School and a Hospitality Consulting business. In 2012, I decided to return to the UK, and began again the task of building business contacts and creating a new life close to my family that I had missed so much. In May 2013 I was elected as a local Borough Councillor and in December 2013 applied to become an MP. My time as a local Councillor, has seen me appointed to the Cabinet and to achieve many good successes. Since then, my business skills have been expanded into business development, creating and writing an e-book on hospitality and to introducing the best bits of my life abroad into the UK.

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