Success and our personal mind-set

Frederick dale

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Life Skills
11th August 2019
Attitude | Confidence | Emotions | Fact

Our minds are the manufacturing centres which produce our thoughts therefore, what we feed our minds in regards to our attitudes when we face certain situations in life, will determine how our minds function. It is our personal mind-management skills that control our emotions and thought processes and they in turn define our outlook on life. Through the content of my talk, I will clearly demonstrate that LIFE IS WHAT YOU MAKE OF IT AND NOT WHAT LIFE THROWS AT YOU and I will also share with you some tips and tools to help you achieve your own brand of success through WHAT YOU THINK as I achieved mine through what I thought.

My talk lasts for approximately fifteen to 20 minutes and imparts a lot of useful, simple mind management tools.

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About Frederick dale

Frederick is a motivational/inspirational speaker. He left school as a young boy of 14tn with no qualifications at all. Frederick put himself through a rigorous self-education programme after leaving school and over the years gained a Diploma in Social Welfare and later a Bachelor of Arts degree from The Open University. He also gained certificates in the psychology of childhood; children's behavioural difficulties and child welfare legislation. This self education helped him to overcome some powerful personal challenges which in turn helped him to help others. Frederick's enthusiasm for sharing his experiences led him to the speakers circuit. Frederick has a wealth of experience as a speaker and has also given many speeches for charities such as Save the Children. He is a passionate speaker imparting his knowledge helping to empower people to see that they have the power within themselves to change their lives for the better. Frederick has a grade five CERTIFICATE OF ACHIEVEMENT from The Association of Speakers Clubs.

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