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Daryll Theedom

DT Safety Solutions
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Safety and Mental Health Awareness
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Life Skills
22nd July 2019
Health And Well-Being | Mental Health | Public Speaking | Confidence

A deep hard hitting eye opening talk that is proven to help give people confidence to speak up and speak out about issues at home and the work environment.

This talk is 45 minutes long talk about what leads to mental health issues such as depression, addiction, gambling, anxiety and a whole wider range of mental health issues. Then how to notice if something is not right in a colleague or friend touching on my story of how someone spoke to me for 5 minuets taking note something was not right and how these 5 minuets has helped turn this negative situation into a life changing career that i now look back and enjoy influencing other to give a little because nothing beats that feeling of going home knowing you made a difference to someones life and a free gift pack is given to all delegates involved in the talk.

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About Daryll Theedom

Welcome my name is Daryll Theedom I am a motivational safety and mental health awareness speaker, also having my own health and safety company nothing seems to beat getting out to all kinds of environments and influencing others about health and safety awareness by the end of the talk you can guarantee your workforce or students will approach health and safety in a different manner a positive way of changing the perception towards health and safety.

Mental health awareness talks

My story witnessing a fatal construction incident at school in 2007 was hard to deal with and made me see the world differently all through that window how and who this effected mentally and physically.

Then at the age of 17 being a professional stockcar driver across the uk Ireland and Europe for 6 years took its toll on me winning 23 championships being at the top and then hitting the bottom hard was hard to accept drinking, depression and anxiety took over but in a way you couldn’t of noticed everyone covers up differently like fancy dress. I now see my generation suffering more daily therefore I am on a journey you can all join to help the nation stop leaving this national dilemma in the corner and stand up to it.

In my talk I give reasons why we get here, how we can stay on positive path and confidence to confide, part of the speak up speak out scheme so everyone knows there is always someone to help you out of any situation.

Bespoke talks to suit any organisation available 7-days a week and short notice

“Don’t sit back and wait, go get it life is only what you make it” MR Daryll Theedom July 2019

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