WHERE DID THEY COME FROM? the themes in my trilogy of novels

Elizabeth Tebby Germaine

South West
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21st July 2019
Novels | Psychology | Relationships | Humour

It all started at a creative writing class...but then Jonathan emerged and would not be silenced. And one thing led to another. He is of course part of myself and has waited to be listened to for over fifty years. At informal talks about my novels I welcome a discussion while reading some extracts from my trilogy, JONATHAN'S MISTAKE, A SHOCKING STORY, JONATHAN AND THE WHITE KING, and ENDS OF MADNESS. Extracts from all my books can be read on www.FeedARead.com and there are more details and reviews on www.elizabethtebbygermaine.co.uk From one review - An intriguing, thought provoking read By Amazon Customer on 28 March 2017 * * * * * 'The characters in this novel are far from stereotypical. I found I became immersed and involved in them as the unusual circumstances, and the resulting actions and consequences created an intriguing story. I initially thought there were too many characters but not one is superfluous they all intertwine and work to create an interesting, thought provoking take on the complexities and variations of metal states and relationships. Despite the strong topics the language is sympathetic allowing you to absorb the subject. Though I may not have fully understood it certainly challenged my thinking, and unlike much of current literary offerings where I find myself skimming words and paragraphs this book made we want to read every word, to rediscover purposeful reading. Thank you.'

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About Elizabeth Tebby Germaine

TEMPORARY UPDATE, ADDED JULY 2020. DURING THESE WEEKS WHILE THE SITUATION WITH MEETINGS IS STILL UNCERTAIN I CAN GIVE INFORMAL TALKS TO SMALL GROUPS IN AN OPEN AIR SETTING OR WELL VENTILATED HALL ETC ABOUT 30 MILES FROM CHELTENHAM/GLOUCESTER. I USUALLY PASS ROUND SOME HISTORIC PHOTOS (A3), BUT INSTEAD MANY CAN BE LOOKED AT ON www.elizabethtebbygermaine.co.uk AND IN BOOK EXTRACTS ON www.FeedARead.com. I ALSO OFFER SMALL SCALE SEMI OPEN AIR PIANO RECITALS. (CLASSICAL OR LIGHTER MATERIAL) WITH COLLECTIONS FOR A CHARITY OF YOUR CHOICE. (I HAVE MY OWN PORTABLE STAGE PIANO) (IN THE FUTURE I MAY DEVELOP ONLINE TALKS AND PRESENTATIONS.) I enjoy giving talks on my two books on history and my trilogy of novels which I wrote later. I have spoken at Probus Clubs, Rotary Club dinners, WI groups and U3A groups. I wrote the first book because I had a detailed diary about my mother's escape from the Japanese in Burma WW2 and many historic photos taken by an Aunt in Burma between 1937 -1966. I also had other original material which linked with the subject. Richard Atkins interviewed me on his breakfast show on BBC Radio Gloucestershire in 2013. Quite soon afterwards I acquired and was given a lot more material, (some previously unpublished) about 1942 in Burma and wrote the second book - 'Stories of Survival in Burma, WW2'

REVIEWS: from Dr Rona Laycock, poet, creative writing teacher, editor of Graffiti and founder of Writers in the Brewery, Cirencester 'Elizabeth Tebby Germaine headlines at Writers in the Brewery, 28 March. We were delighted to welcome Elizabeth to our meeting at Writers in the Brewery on the evening of 28th of March. She kept us intrigued and enthralled by her account of her writing progress and readings from her novel. It was lovely to have a guest who connected with the group and who was able to encourage and answer questions and who managed all that with great good humour.'

SEPT. 2017 Talk about the Burma books. Thanks to the U3A Travel Group for the warm welcome at the Guildhall Cinema Gloucester, and it was good to hear your stories that connected with Myanmar

From Dave and Sue Wright, joint speaker secretary, U3A Earlsdon, Coventry 'We would like to express our sincere gratitude for your talk on experiences in Burma. It was a fascinating talk regarding a very difficult time in history. It was even more poignant due to your personal involvement with the subject. I am sure it was appreciated by all members present and expanded all our knowledge of Burma and its troubled past and present. Thanks again.'

NOV. 2019 from C.J.Boyd - Probus Club member: “Elizabeth gave us an interesting and informative talk on China in the Second World War, illustrated with helpful maps. Her presentation also provided a valuable insight into the broader history of China in the first half of the 20th Century.”

NOV. 2019 from John Higgins, Newent U3A. "Thanks to Elizabeth for providing an insight into one of the little-known aspects of World War 2, the military and civilian evacuation of Burma following the Japanese invasion. This was all the more poignant due to her family involvement in the arduous escape. Illustrated with plentiful, and probably quite rare, photographs from the time. This was a talk to make many of us reflect on the horrors of that part of our history."

My history talks are illustrated with many striking, historic photos of Burma/Myanmar (and a few from China).

With the talks on the novels I welcome a discussion of the many themes running through my novels

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