The God of War

Tim Barney

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26th August 2019
Military History | War | Technology | Educational

This talk follows the development of artillery weapons and tactics, from the middle ages to the present day. ‘The God of War’ was the phrase chosen by Josef Stalin, to describe the Red Army’s artillery arm. During this talk we will discuss the evolution of ‘the guns’ from the rock-throwing siege engines of the ancient world, to the multiple launch rocket systems of today, delving en route into the history of explosives, the castle architect’s response to the challenge of gunpowder bombardment, and the ingenuity of Sir William Armstrong

Duration: 90 minutes, plus a short mid-point interval

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About Tim Barney

Having retired from a career in the IT industry, I now have the opportunity to pursue my lifelong interest in military history and technology. Like any enthusiast, I’ve always wanted to share my passion with those around me, and have given informal lectures on military subjects, for a number of years: so I suppose I must be one of those strange people who actually enjoys public speaking! Now I’m eager to present my talks to a wider audience, and share all these amazing narratives with local clubs and societies

All my talks are designed for non-specialist audiences and are intended to appeal to men and women from every walk of life: when technical or scientific jargon is included, I always translate this into everyday language. You will notice that my talks last a little longer than usual. I believe that to tell the full story, the speaker needs to place the subject in context, by including all those essential details that are so important in helping history to 'come alive' – so my talks are about how things worked, as well as what they were used for. If you are interested in a particular talk, and would like to discuss other timescales to suit your programme, or require more information, then please do contact me.

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