Seeing without Sight

Megan Paul

Notice Period:
Emergency (maybe less than one week's notice)
Paid: £50 per hour + travel expenses
19th July 2019
Living With A Disability | Adventure | Adversity | Assistance Dogs

Megan Paul gives a series of anecdotes and insights drawn from her life's adventures as a blind person. Such topics as guide dogs, living abroad, boarding school, education and childhood are discussed. She provides audiences with the opportunity to ask questions. Megan has written about her experiences, which provides a flavour of her topic and presentation style.

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About Megan Paul

Having been blind since birth, I offer a unique and often amusing insight on life. I reflect on such experiences as growing up on a farm, attending boarding school, teaching abroad, education and adventuring with my guide dogs. I also deliver talks to raise awareness of disability-related barriers and how these can be overcome through collaborative working. Over five years' involvement with Toastmasters International have accustomed me to giving talks; many of these have won awards at regional level.

I have a BA and MA in Creative Writing and run writing workshops. I also offer readings of my fiction.

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