How Publishing Works

Kate Macdonald

Handheld Press
South West
Notice Period:
Short (maybe less than one month's notice)
26th June 2019
Publishing | Books | Books Writing

Hoave you ever wondered how the words reach the page, and how a bookshop orders its books? Kate will take you through the productions processes that a novel and a biography go through to reach the bookshelf.

This will be an illustrated talk with examples from the handheld Press archives, with details about book and cover design, copyight, editing, indexing and choosing the paper.

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About Kate Macdonald

Kate is a publisher, a literary historian and the energy source behind the independent publisher Handheld Press (, whose books are sold worldwide through all small and large bookshops. She's also a visiting research fellow at Oxford Brookes University. She's experienced in talking to large and small groups about literature, publishing, getting published, book design and twentieth-century British writers. She's knowledgeable, enthusiastic and passionate about books and reading, and has a particular interest in practical help for those who want to take their book further towards publication.

Recent appearances (or performances) include invited talks at the AGM of the Angela Thirkell Society and the Caledonian Lecture at the Caledonian Club, the International Elizabeth von Arnim Society keynote paper, a panellist at a conference on Women in Publishing at the University of Reading, and running a workshop on How to Pitch Your Book at the Frome Small Publishers Fair, and a short tour of talks in Scotland on How Publishing Works. Kate charges no fee, but she'll bring along some of the books that Handheld Press has published for purchase. For online talks she offers a discount code for books published on the Handheld Press website.

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