Sailing to Antarctica

Geoffrey Saunders

South East
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11th June 2019
Adventure Travel | Science | Antarctica | Sailing

Following my sailing in the tropics, where next but the icy seas and frozen landscapes of Antarctica? After joining the three masted barque Europa in Ushuaia, I crossed the notorious Drake Passage and made landfall on the frozen continent. As always, there was much to learn, before, during and after the voyage. And though the variety is limited, the wildlife is spectacular. History, geography, politics and nature all feature in this talk, framed by my voyage. An accompanying book, 'Antarctica - Travels with Basho' is available on Kindle.

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About Geoffrey Saunders

I have travelled widely, for business and pleasure and have worked on all the continents. Now retired, I have used the experiences of my travels to write and to publish about the wonders of the world, far and near. More than just travelogues, my talks aim to inform, entertain and enthuse. All the groups I have talked to have enjoyed my presentation and most have invited me back straight away.

All the income from my talks goes to the 'Sightsavers' charity

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