Empowering confidence through leatherwork

Julie Morrisroe

Cosmic Workshop
North West
Notice Period:
Emergency (maybe less than one week's notice)
Paid: £80 per talk plus travel expenses of 30p per mile.
8th June 2019
Leather | Costuming

Dressing up for fun is not a new concept, but the 20th century saw a brand new form of this escapism develop and blossom, CosPlay. Dressing as a character you admire and channeling their best traits brings a confidence and inner strength to even the most anxious of participants. It's also far from a "youth only" hobby, a good proportion of cosplayers are 30-60 yrs+ these days...myself included!

Although the craft of leather working is a much older skill, we carved a business niche that brings both of these together and I love to talk about leather because it is such a versatile and tactile material.
Whether I'm creating a full suit of armour, a simple belt or a three dimensional piece of art, the artistic possibilities are endless.

We also have a second business that focuses on historical reproductions of leather, which will feature in my talk.

I always bring some showpieces with me, Because of how tactile the material is, you can't really talk about it without that familiar smelling and hands on experience for the audience!

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About Julie Morrisroe

I'm an ex secondary school teacher of Design and Technology and created our business after starting a family and moving counties. Starting out as an "anything and everything creative for hire" type business (a few amusing tales in there!) We fell into leather working accidentally when we got distracted!

We use traditional methods and techniques, right alongside modern materials to keep this craft alive and well!

Our main business objective is making our customers feel empowered and confident by helping them bring their favourite characters costumes to life.

Our customers (that are not in the entertainment industry) more often than not, have anxiety and mental health problems and watching them put on these invisible cloaks of confidence and go into children's hospitals to cheer up patients, getting involved with huge crowded events to collect for charities...its just amazing to see! We help them smile, and they then go and spread that smile far and wide!

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