A Journey with Furious Gods

James Redden

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14th April 2019
Adventure Endurance | Arctic Expedition | Greenland | Life

In May 2018 I joined a team of 5 to ski across the barren icecap of Greenland. Setting off in what can only be described as balmy conditions, we had no idea of the trials to come.

Lashed by raging storms in which winds gusted to over 100 Mph and in temperatures of -40 C, our expedition faltered and at times came close to failure. And death.

Many lessons were learned on that journey and James weaves each into tale of survival, fear and triumph.

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About James Redden

James Redden spent 13 years in the British Army, 10 of which in were in a highly specialised unit comprised of volunteers who undergo a rigorous test process. During his military career he worked in many hotspots around the world. As a non-commissioned officer he was responsible for the safety and wellbeing of junior soldiers.

His military service took him across the globe: the Middle East; the jungles of South East Asia; the Americas; Africa (including two months in the Sahara Desert); the Former Yugoslavia, to name but a few.

After leaving the Army, James embarked on a career in technology and built a consultancy business that serviced the needs of some of the biggest companies in the UK.

In recent years James has returned to his first love: the great outdoors. In 2016, after 10 years of navigating the corporate world he decided to ski to the North Pole. Reinvigorated, he then set his eyes on other destinations, skiing across Norway and the Hardangervidda. In 2018 he joined a former colleague and skied across Greenland.

James talks on many subjects and can still laugh when he describes any number of occasions when he thought his life might be drawing to a premature close. His core subjects focus on leadership, in particular dealing with conflict in the workplace and developing highly effective teams. He is also prone to describing the moral sapping effects of bodily functions when experienced in the close proximity of a covert observation post!

Companies such as Microsoft, Carlson Wagonlit and Pearson have experienced James's unique take on life, leadership and making things happen, as have a large number of schools.

Read more on my personal website: https://www.jamesredden.co.uk

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