Real Food Rocks!

Andy Bishop

Public Health Collaboration
North West
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Paid: £50
12th April 2019
Low Carb | Real Food | Type 2 Diabetes | Weight Loss

Exploring the reality of a low carb/real food lifestyle. A practical and informative approach to adopting this for a healthier lifestyle. Three years ago I was diagnosed as a Type 2 Diabetic, by adopting this lifestyle I have managed to put this condition into a sustained remission and I now work with several GPs and organise peer led groups informing patients on how to do this for themselves. This lifestyle has reduced all my bio markers including HbA1c into normal healthy ranges.

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About Andy Bishop

I work for a charity called the Public Health Collaboration ( as the ambassador for Liverpool. I work with several GPs across Merseyside raising awareness about the benefits of following a real food / low carb lifestyle. I run peer led groups with GP practices and have been invited to speak at the Royal College of General Practitioners and the X-Pert Health conference about this subject and how it has enabled me to put my Type 2 Diabetes into remission for over 3 years. The benefits of a real food lifestyle extend beyond just helping those with Type 2 Diabetes and can include reduction in IBS and helping with weight loss.

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