Fern's Secret

Fern Lulham

South East
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Life Skills
25th March 2019
Self-Esteem | Emotional Intelligence | Motivation | Mental Health

Fern speaks about how we all have “secrets” or parts of ourselves and our lives, which we can be cautious about sharing. Fern often shocks audiences with a secret she has tried her best to keep for years - the fact that she herself has a disability. This often comes as a complete surprise, as up until this reveal, it usually goes by totally unnoticed. Fern believes that this is mainly down to the fact that she has taught herself so many ways to keep the secret throughout her life, as so many people do with their own insecurities. Fern makes it her mission, not to tell people that everyone is equal, but instead to prove it to them, using their own life experiences and emotional values. She speaks on the importance of embracing all the parts of who you are - the good and the bad - in the hopes that we can ultimately remind ourselves that we have nothing to be ashamed of and nothing to hide.

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About Fern Lulham

My name is Fern Lulham, I am 28 years old and I am registered blind. I have got a beautiful guide dog Nancy who accompanies me when I make my speeches. I attended mainstream school in my local town, then started a degree at university in Cardiff. After a year, I took the opportunity to transfer to Western Carolina University in the USA on an international exchange programme. Having graduated, I travelled to Michigan and worked at a commercial radio station for six months.

Since returning to the UK, I have started my public speaking business. I have talked to a variety of audiences and have received extremely positive feedback. I have often been a speaker at Government led Disability Confident events and have won several awards for public speaking. I also contribute to a Canadian radio station and BBC local radio.

www.fernlulham.com @missfernlulham www.youtube.com search fern lulham

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