Secrets of Handwriting Revealed

John Jameson-Davis

JamesonD Handwriting Specialist
South West
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25th March 2019
Trump | Graphology | Handwriting | Personality

Using a projector to illustrate, I comment on samples of handwriting, explaining how the flow, form and arrangement of the ink strokes reveal the personalities of the writers.

I include people's handwriting samples (and signatures) from all walks of life, including the most topical characters (at the moment you can expect to see those of Donald Trump, Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn, to name a few). Criminals' writings are also explored - my speciality - historical and modern - as well as anonymous samples which show extraordinary or otherwise fascinating aspects.

I explain how signatures reveal the public face of a person and how the normal handwriting really identifies the true personality of a writer, no matter how much they may hide less favourable traits behind a bold signature.

By the end of my talks most people in the audience go home, wondering about their own handwritings and those of their friends and families - and what is revealed within the pen strokes! Hopefully, I have given them enough information to glean some insights.

My approach is to inform and entertain. I have spent many years treading the boards (mainly in comedy roles from Shakespeare) so I enjoy bringing a light touch to this intriguing subject.

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About John Jameson-Davis

Born and bred in Bournemouth, I moved to Dorchester in 1994 and later to Wiltshire, where I still live. I became interested in handwriting in the 1970s and trained professionally at the turn of the century. I am qualified as a graphologist and a Questioned Document examiner.

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