The Secret life of Red Riding Hood

Janet Dowling

South West
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24th March 2019
Storytelling | Folklore | Feminism | After Dinner Entertainment

You all know the story of Little Red Riding Hood, don't you! Or do you? The one where she gets eaten by the wolf, or the woodcutter rescues her, or where the washerwomen lay out their sheets for her to escape? Not to mention eating the liver and drinking the blood of granny! Is it a metaphor for sexual awakening, or a warning to young women to protect their virtue? or just a fable about a disobedient girl?

A combination of talk and tales to explore the different forms of this tale, how and by whom it was recorded and how it changes its presentation over time.

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About Janet Dowling

Janet is a storyteller and folklorist- finding the old stories and sharing them with new audiences. But she also researches and digs deep for the stories behind the stories, whether it be one of the 39 different versions of RedRiding Hood or the real secrets of Bluebeard. She performs professionally as an oral storyteller, and runs workshops for people to learn the skills of storytelling. She won a prize from the Folklore Society for her paper on "Naming the Green Man of the medieval church."

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