Dr Doug Richards

West Midlands
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21st March 2019
Running | Antarctica | Greenland | Siberia

A detailed description of the challenges I faced while running in a Siberian winter, on the polar ice-cap in Greenland, and in Antarctica.

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About Dr Doug Richards

I am 70 years old and am a retired medical scientist and university lecturer, having worked in Brighton, London and Birmingham. In 1981, as a result of feeling very unfit for my age (then 33), I decided to go for a one mile run. I never dreamt where that run would take me. Since then, and as a result of gaining so much enjoyment and health benefits (physical and mental) from my hobby, I have run in places as diverse as China, Greenland, the Sahara Desert, a South African game reserve, Siberia, the Australian Outback and, in March 2018, in Antarctica. As a result of this latest run, I am now one of only a few hundred people in the world who have run at least a half marathon on all seven continents of our world. I have now published two books on my running adventures; 'Running Hot & Cold', which won a major award in 2016, and more recently 'Can We Run With You, Grandfather?', published October 2018. I can offer a variety of talks, ranging from an overview of my complete running career to date, to more specific talks on particular locations or environments.

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