How to be an Extreme Couponer

Jordon Cox

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Life Skills
17th March 2019
Save Money | Learning | Shopping | Coupons

Do you want to cut the cost of your grocery bills? Whether you shop at Lidl, Tesco or Waitrose, there are always ways to get money off, so you never pay full price again.

From newspapers to new apps, there are plenty of ways to save, and Jordon will talk you through them all with funny examples and useful tips.

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About Jordon Cox

I’m known as ‘Britain’s Coupon Kid’ who can turn the most frivolous spenders into savvy savers.

I currently work for MoneySavingExpert and am regularly seen as a contributor for local and national TV and radio.

I’ve gone viral a few times for my money saving escapades, including getting £600 shopping for just 4p using coupons, nd finding it cheaper to travel from Sheffield to Essex via Berlin than it was to take the train.

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