A Bush Pilot's Tale. Flying in the Northern Territory of Australia.

Paul Catanach

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17th March 2019
Humorous | Aviation | Australia

Let me loose on a roomful of people with a microphone and projector and I'll tell you tales of my time as a bush pilot in the wild and sometimes wet, sometimes dusty, sometimes on fire outback of Australia.

Well, when I say tales they're more flashbacks really but on the whole they're good, clean....... well when I say clean I mean mostly not too rude but true stories. Mainly. Probably. That's it, probably mainly true. You'll never look at flying away on holiday the same again that's for sure.

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About Paul Catanach

A UK based commercial pilot I started my flying career in Australia as a bush pilot where I carried freight, people and just about anything else to anywhere someone wanted them to go. Mostly I managed to get them there in one piece, occasionally I brought them back again. Booze smugglers, drug raids, crocodile attacks... I survived them all to bring you tongue-in-cheek tales of derring do, plus a few of derring don't.

Warning: Please don't try this at home. Those of a sensitive nature should probably have a few drinks beforehand.

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