Andrew Carnegie - His Riches and Philanthropy

Simon Cork

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8th February 2019
History | Gilded Age | American History

Andrew Carnegie became the richest man in the world in March 1901 when he sold his steel empire for $440 million to J P Morgan. He was celebrated for building over 2600 Carnegie Libraries, unquestionably becoming one of the world’s greatest philanthropists. Yet little is known of Carnegies remarkable life story.

The talk examines his life in the context of America in the period 1870 to 1910. The Gilded age saw the rise and dominance of the corporate trusts and with it a growth in greed, avarice and corruption. It also saw the emergence of a nation that had previously been somewhat isolated in the global world of colonialism, but under President McKinley America began to spread its wings into the America we know today.

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I have given my talks to over 50 organisations in the past three years, including many U3a’s, libraries, historical groups and Rotary clubs. The talk on American Presidents is a new talk. I am happy to take short notice dates (where possible). My interest in the subject originated whilst studying for a mature degree in American History. My fee is £45, travel is included up to one hour from Sheffield, after that a nominal mileage charge applies.

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