Collecting artist-designed textiles

Dr Ian Finlay

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22nd February 2019
Antiques | Arts | Art History

A number of well known artists have designed textiles for commercial production. Artists include Pablo Picasso, John Piper, Andy Warhol, and Henry Moore. Designs include tapestries, rugs, slk scarves, and fabrics for dress-making and home furnishings. Examples of these textiles give the amateur collector the opportunity to own works by famous artists at a fraction of the cost of their paintings, prints or sculpture.

In this talk I recount my own experiences of collecting artist-designed textiles and provide ideas on what to collect, how to find examples, what prices might be paid, and how one might present one's collection. The talk can be illustrated with a power point presentation and real examples of textiles.

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About Dr Ian Finlay

I am a retired academic having taught at Strathclyde University and the University of Oxford. I sill do some teaching at Oxford University and also work as a freelance academic, literary and social researcher. I have qualifications in economics, education and theology and interests in art history, interfaith relations and folk music.

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