Writing Our Wonderful Lives!

Sue Stern

North West
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1st March 2019
Inspiration | Humour And Interest | Autobigraphical

Do you dream of writing about your funny or curious childhood, your wild teenage years or even about a person whose influence changed your life? Or even shorter pieces for your children. Do you love to read biographies?

In Writing Our Wonderful Lives, I will describe how I wrote my memoir, The Child who Spoke With Her Eyes, answer questions and offer suggestions and ideas on how you too can write your wonderful life. I’ll share my motives for returning to the past to capture our lives in 1960s and 70s Manchester. Beginning by reading a short extract of the book, I shall go on to talk about the pleasures and sometimes the pain, of writing a memoir. Then there are the unexpected discoveries and insights, which will take your breath away. By using memory, diaries and online research, you can build up a picture of who you once were. This would apply equally if someone sought to write about a parent, teacher or even an enemy who had powerfully affected their life.

Not a workshop but a shared experience!

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About Sue Stern

I was born in London but grew up in Manchester, where I taught English as a Foreign Language and French to adults, but in 1995 I discovered Commonword, a community writing resource and began to write seriously, something I’d always wanted to do. I made my first book when I was eight, the cover from my mother’s old diary and the pages sewn inside and which I filled with the Story of Poppy Palaver- shades of things to come!

I began to publish poems and short stories in magazines and newspapers here and in America,. My first novel was 'Babyday,' the story of a woman who ‘has’ seven babies in one day and must find out who they are and why they’ve come to her! My latest book, 'The Child Who Spoke with Her Eyes,' is a memoir of Vanessa, our beautiful daughter who had cerebral palsy, but who transformed my life. Red Bank Books, 2018

While telling our story, I write about life in the 60s and 70s, coal fires, soot-blackened streets, watching The Beatles on our grainy black and while television set. And I talk about how I work with my daughter to teach her to sit up, play and communicate– which she does expertly even though she can’t speak. I show the amazing effect she has on everyone who meets her, and the devastating decision we are forced to make when with two little boys in tow, I can no longer look after her... But all is not lost, as you’ll see.

'Rafi Brown and the Candy Floss Kid' is my novel for children aged 8-11. Rafi is dyslexic but a brilliant cartoonist, Candy Floss dyes her hair pink and why she never goes to school is her secret. Together they bunk off, but it all ends happily. Red Bank Books, 2012

Currently I’m working on a novel for adults inspired by the life of Sophia, my anarchist grandmother; 'How I Broke Mama’s Commandments.'

I give talks and lectures to U3A groups, Women’s Institute and Probus groups; also to schools and book clubs, in South Manchester and Stockport.

You can read about my work on my website: www.suestern-writer.co.uk

Some reviews of 'The Child Who Spoke With Her Eyes':

Vanessa’s personality stays with you long after you have finished reading...5 stars Amazon

A powerful, honest memoir. Once you start reading you can’t stop! The book felt like you were reading a letter from a friend. Sue has been so honest in writing about her feelings, emotions and experiences. The book isn’t only about a family’s great love and struggles for their daughter Vanessa but a true, sad reflection of how any disability was viewed in the 1960s and 1970s. 5 Stars Amazon

One of the reviews for 'Rafi Brown and The Candy Floss Kid'

What a wonderful children’s book What a great read to young children and us adults too! I got so into the story its brilliant, the author really understands and gets to the children's level of thought and adventures. Shall definitely be recommending this book for all young families an ideal age would be 7 and over into early teens. Having said that I loved reading it to my grandson, so adults can enjoy it too :-)

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