Are You in Your Right Mind?

Jude Price

Creative Conundrums
South East
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22nd January 2019
Mental Health | Creativity | Mental Strength | Mental Wellbeing

Prepare to challenge yourself to discover new ways of thinking in this thought provoking presentation.

Jude Price draws on her experiences as an artist, working in the mental health sector and her own past mental health issues to bring you the resources to unleash your creative potential and to build your own mental strength.

In her own unique interactive style delegates will be introduced to 3 key areas:

  • Mental Health at Work
  • Will you settle for Mental Wellbeing?
  • Creativity for Mental Strength

Mental Health at Work

  • Normalise conversations about mental health at work.
  • Create a workplace culture where mental health matters.
  • Learn the facts not the myths.
  • Educate the workforce about Mental Health.

Will you settle for Mental Wellbeing?

  • Life ‘OK’, Routine 'bearable', Work 'easy’, Relationship 'familiar’. Is that enough?
  • How to challenge the way you think.
  • Find the confidence to take risks and embrace change.
  • Realise your creative potential.

Creativity for Mental Strength

  • Attributes of the left and right side of the brain.
  • Evaluate core beliefs.
  • Expend your mental energy wisely.
  • Practice tolerating discomfort.

Book now to find out if you are in your ‘right mind’ and how to create the mental strength to succeed at anything!

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About Jude Price

From an early age I have been intrigued by the human mind and how it works. This interest has been enhanced through my study of psychology, and mental health.

Creative thinking has been key in my working life as an artist and working in the mental health sector both in a client advisory role and in writing and delivering training sessions.

My own past mental health issues are now advantageous to being able to deliver presentations and training with added insight. Setting up and running 'Creative Conundrums' has developed a logical approach to an emotive subject matter.

Talks, Seminars and Workshops on how creativity and creative thinking helps mental strength and to raise awareness for mental health at work.

Aims of 'Creative Conundrums' Create workforces where mental health matters. Normalise conversations about mental health in the work place. Give mental health the same status as physical health. Creative thinking for mental strength

World Doodle Day, an on-going project, now in its 6th year, to promote creativity and raise awareness for mental health while promoting an annually selected local charity.

With a drive for self development, development of others, and a passion for raising awareness of mental health in the workplace leads to me being an ideal candidate for delivering talks on Creativity, Mental Health and Mental Strength.

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