Graceful Greyhounds - Greyhound Compassion's Work for Welfare

Lucinda Read

Greyhound Compassion
South East
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17th January 2019
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The talk is about the origins of the greyhound and Greyhound Compassion's work for greyhound welfare. Magic (ex-racing greyhound) and Petal (the Spanish galgo) will be present to demonstrate what fantastic pets greyhounds make, needing just a soft duvet and lots of fuss!

Greyhound Compassion is a small charity raising much needed funds for small greyhound shelters in the UK and Ireland who rescue and rehabilitate greyhounds used by the racing industry. There are about 14,000 greyhounds racing in the UK at any one time. Eighty per cent of these dogs originate from Ireland. We also support a shelter in Spain rescuing hundreds of galgos (Spanish greyhounds) from hare coursing each year when the hunting season ends in January and homing them in mainland Europe.

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About Lucinda Read

Lucinda Read is a Director and Co-Founder of Greyhound Compassion. Lucinda is available to talk to audiences about: "Graceful Greyhounds - The Oldest Breed of Dog: Greyhound Compassion's Work for the Welfare of Greyhounds & Galgos".

Lucinda became a greyhound and galgo advocate when she was adopted by “Santa,” her first galgo, in 1995. The more Lucinda learned about the plight of galgos in Spain and racing greyhounds in the UK and Ireland, the more she wanted to become involved in the campaign to bring an end to their suffering. Lucinda volunteers at galgo and greyhound shelters whenever she can.

Lucinda is available, along with Wish the greyhound and Petal the galgo, to give talks to audiences in Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire interested in Greyhound Compassion and the rescue of greyhounds and galgos. She just asks that the organisers give a donation in aid of Greyhound Compassion.

Greyhound Compassion is a fundraising body providing financial contributions to Greyhound Rescue in Boston, Lincolnshire, UK; Limerick Animal Welfare in Ireland; and Protectora y Santuario Scooby in Spain for the galgos they rescue. Greyhound Compassion funds go towards vet fees, dog food bills, kennel repairs and maintenance. All recipients of Greyhound Compassion’s funding are independent.

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