Lust and Revenge: the passion of the night sky

Janet Dowling

South West
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29th December 2018
Storytelling | Stars | Greek Myths | Constellations

Every night we look at the stars twinkling above us, in all innocence. You may be able to point out one or two of the 88 constellations - Orion? The Plough or the Great Bear? Maybe Casseopia? But do you really know the stories behind those constellations?

Janet will tell you the tales of the stars- the Greek myths that have come down to us and yet most people forget. But once you know the tales of passion you won't be able to let them go.

This talk is illustrated. For a smaller audience I can use a Victorian candlelit theatre box ( don't worry- I use LED) or for a larger audience I have my own projector, but will need a projection screen provided.

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About Janet Dowling

Janet is a storyteller and folklorist- finding the old stories and sharing them with new audiences. But she also researches and digs deep for the stories behind the stories, whether it be one of the 39 different versions of RedRiding Hood or the real secrets of Bluebeard. She performs professionally as an oral storyteller, and runs workshops for people to learn the skills of storytelling. She won a prize from the Folklore Society for her paper on "Naming the Green Man of the medieval church."

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