Adventure novel writing to raise awareness of challenges we confront

David middleton

David Middleton Communications
West Midlands
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7th December 2018
Adventure | Author | Environment

Tailored to each occasion in terms of length and style, my presentations are supported by slides and videos. I am self-sufficient in projection and sound system. Just need a screen or wall to project onto. I can vary the length of talk to whatever is suitable.

I talk about the "adventure of adventure writing" and how my books are a mix of fact and fiction. The fiction maybe fast and furious but the facts are sobering. How we are living our lives threatens the very planet we live on.

Quotes from past audiences: “Congratulations. It was a very well put together presentation. A very topical theme." "David's talk was informative and insightful and a first class presentation. David gave us a fascinating insight into the literary world of combining environmentalism with thriller writing.”

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About David middleton

My talks - I talk about why I have turned to writing pacey, Bond-like novels as a platform for raising awareness about some of the major challenges we confront - like climate change; the pressure on critical resources; the abuse of children so we can enjoy our technically advanced world - and so on.

My books - The Final Shah Mat - a plot to encourage California to leave the USofA The Acionna Projects - threatening wold peace by sabotaging major water supplies The Hwanung Solution - political and military ambitions and a fold hunt caused by climate change Cobalt! - the desperate story of the dependence on this mineral for the shift away from fossil based energy

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My career - Author CEO of UK branch of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (retired 2014) Founder and CEO of the MEBC business network focused on environmental matters (retired 2014). Conference and exhibition organiser. Journalist

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