Creating livelihoods in developing countries

Stephen Spencer

Tools With A Mission and Friends of Chernobyl's Children
East of England
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30th November 2018
Tools | Sewing Machines | Recycling

How the charity "Tools With A Mission" changes lives and how we can all be part of this by recycling unwanted tools, sewing machines and computers.

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About Stephen Spencer

A first career in the Immigration Service brought home the real need for practical support in many countries. A second career in education helped me to hone my presentational skills. As a linguist, I can adapt content to suit varied situations. Short Powerpoint presentations are available to help audiences visualise the projects rather than send them to sleep. I enjoy communicating my message and the talks are always well-received by audiences ranging from school assemblies to Rotarians.
I am an experienced volunteer speaker for these two charities:

  1. Tools With A Mission: How unwanted/surplus tools can be recycled and sent to applicants in developing countries to create livelihoods. Audiences are asked to bring surplus tools to the talk. A list of current TWAM needs is available on the TWAM website.
  2. Friends of Chernobyl's Children: This is an uplifting talk about the work of big-hearted families who regularly host children from the affected area. Something good has come out of the cataclysmic events of 1986.

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