Diluted: How We Use Water In The Garden

Darren Lerigo

Modern Mint
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28th November 2018
Watering | Gardens | Garden Design | Gardening

Having moved from Hampshire to Essex in 2014, I saw a huge difference in the climate. A gardener in East Anglia has to deal with bright sunshine, drying winds and a severe lack of rainfall.

This new gardening challenge spurred me on to explore how we use water in the garden. I talk about techniques for conserving water and what to do with your vegetables if they don't get enough rain.

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About Darren Lerigo

I have always loved working outside and now spend the majority of my time making and maintaining topiary at my company - Modern Mint.

My pruning work can be seen on various TV programmes and in the media. I have spoken alongside Mary Berry, Alan Titchmarsh and Jo Swift at Blenheim Palace, as well as giving talks to garden clubs, WI's, U3A's and charity groups all over the country.

All talks are illustrated with photos on a projector.

I can provide a projector myself, I just need a screen or blank wall to project onto.

Talk length can be adjusted to suit your group, but is typically 50-60 minutes. Questions from the audience are welcome! A table for the projector is also handy. If you wish the talk to be 'stand alone', this is possible too - I often do this at gardening festivals and events, so please just let me know and I can make this work for you, your group and your space.

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