The UFO Reality

Peter Tiernan

North West
Notice Period:
Emergency (maybe less than one week's notice)
Hobby Paranormal Investigator.
Paid: £30 -£50 depending on distance.
5th October 2018
Ufo | Abductions

Review of all major UFO activity since Roswell. Discover the full range of the UFO activity, explore the abduction phenomenon and look into some of the possible explanations and causes of the phenomenon.

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About Peter Tiernan

I am a very experienced paranormal investigator with over 30 years field experience. I have been a member of some of the foremost paranormal investigation teams in the UK for many years.

.** I have conducted and led investigation teams in all aspects including hauntings, unidentified phenomena and also UFO cases.** All investigations are carried out using scientific principles and instrumentation.

As a professional for many years I was a military communications engineer and also as a teacher in secondary schools.

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