A Face From the Past

Scott Lomax

East Midlands
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8th September 2018
Archaeology | Medieval History | Nottinghamshire | History

Have you ever wanted to come face-to-face with someone who lived in Nottingham 600 years ago?

In this hour long talk, archaeologist Scott Lomax will discuss a little-known medieval burial ground in Nottingham City Centre.

In a first for the city a detailed research project, involving a team of experts from Britain, Canada and the USA, has provided new information about life and death in Nottingham during the medieval period. Tests, including DNA analysis, provide some insights into the lifestyles of our ancestors and how some Nottingham folk were treated after death. The talk also provides the opportunity to see the face of a man who lived and died in Nottingham during the early-mid 15th century.

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About Scott Lomax

I am thr City Archaeologist for Nottingham. Over the past eleven years I have carried out in depth research into the city's past. My specialisms are in medieval Nottingham and the city's 850 known caves. I am employed by Nottingham City Council.

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