Ways to bank

Nigel C Plant

East Midlands
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Banking sector.
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Life Skills
7th September 2018
Natwest | Ways To Bank | Fraud Awareness | Banking

An hour long presentation focusing on 3 main elements

  1. How ways to bank effects you.
  2. The Natwest security promise.
  3. The different ways to bank.
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About Nigel C Plant

My name is Nigel Plant and I am Natwest Community Banker for Lincolnshire. My role is to help and support our local communities.

I have worked in the banking sector for 20 years. Gaining experience in every area of personal branch based banking. My career started as a cashier, up though customer services in to financial advice and then on to be a branch manager, and finally a Community Banker.

My qualifications in a BEng(H) in Mechancial Engineering, an MA in theology and I am also a chartered banker.

My present role includes a number of different activities examples of which are, Schools work, home visits, community presentations and social volunteering.

I am available for a number of different presentations including, Friends against scams, online security and ways to bank.

My contact number is 07711763476

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