Young Voices from WW2

Jeremy Pickard

North East
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25th August 2018
1940S | Home Front | Local And Family History | Navy

Following the death of my mother at the age of 96 I discovered an old suitcase in which were 1200 letters she had exchanged with her lover, then husband, between 1941 and 1946. I discovered the story of a relationship between two young people, one a working class girl, the other a young man with aspirations, as they struggled to sustain a relationship and build a family amidst the uncertainties of youth and war.

In this talk I describe my exploration of this unexpected treasure and some of the surprising things I have learnt about life on the home front and in the navy, as well as about my parents when they were in their twenties.

I make extensive use of their contemporary words.

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About Jeremy Pickard

I am a retired NHS analyst with an interest in family history.

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