Hampton Court Castle and it's eccentric history!

Jayne Harris

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10th August 2018
Herefordshire | Middle Ages | Castle | British History

Hampton Court Castle near Leominster is an often overlooked gem.

No connection to Hampton Court Palace, this intriguing building dates back to 1427 and has seen it's fair share of eccentric owners over the past 600 years!

In this talk I will tell audiences about the building itself and it's previous owners especially those who have shaped the way the castle looks today.

From a Medieval Knight to an American Billionaire, Hampton Court Castle has had some of the most extreme owners of any historical building and they have all left their mark. Once seen never forgotten...but how much of it's history do you dare to uncover?

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About Jayne Harris

Hi, I'm Jayne! I'm 35 years old and am a writer, lecturer and historian with 20 years experience.

The following are just some of the topics I can give talks on:

  • The history of Dudley Castle
  • Bizarre beauty of Elizabethan women
  • Queen Elizabeth I - a woman in power
  • Hampton Court Castle - it's eccentric story!
  • Ghosts & Hauntings
  • Borley Rectory
  • Biggin Hill Airfield
  • Haunted Stourbridge
  • Haunted Worcestershire
  • Haunted Edinburgh
  • Illusions of Consciousness
  • Psychic Phenomena (telepathy, telekinesis, mediumship, clairvoyance etc)
  • Divination techniques (ouija, tarot, scrying etc)
  • The History of Paranormal Investigation
  • Haunted Objects (the myths, misconceptions and realities)
  • Scary Halloween Ghost Stories
  • Ghosts of Christmas Past
  • Witchcraft & Magic
  • Aliens & UFO's
  • Cryptozoology (werewolves, the loch ness monster, big-foot etc)
  • "Who put Bella in the Wych-Elm?" (true life unsolved murder mystery)
  • Indie film production - my personal journey

I can tailor my talks to suit the audience, often use active participation if preferred and can incorporate a Q&A session to close.

If you haven't seen a topic you'd like covered above, please get in touch as this list is by no means exhaustive. I am based near Ludlow but travel the length and breadth of the UK giving talks and hosting a range of evenings.

I look forward to coming along to your event soon and giving your guests a thought provoking, entertaining and informative talk!

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