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30th May 2017
Assistance Dogs | Autism | Puppy | Disability

Would your group be interested in hearing about how our assistance dogs can empty the washing machine, help a disabled child or adult to undress, or pick up dropped items? Or how a dog can transform the lives of a family with a child with autism, acting as a continuous focus enabling the child to remain calm in places they may have previously found too challenging.

Dogs for Good is a life-transforming charity, creating exceptional partnerships between people living with disability and specially trained dogs. Through practical assistance, a dog can offer freedom and independence to people who face a lifetime of challenges.

We do ask for a donation to cover the cost of organising the talk which is normally set at £50 (and goes to the charity), but if this is problem, there may be other ways in which you can support us instead. Please mention this to us when making your initial enquiry.

We may have a volunteer Registered Speaker within your area, who can visit your group and tell you about our incredible dogs. If you'd like to get in touch then please contact us on 01295 252 600 and ask to speak to a member of the Community Fundraising Team or email

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About Dogs For Good

Since 1988, Dogs for Good has been making life-changing differences for people with disabilities. We support people with complex needs including physical disabilities, autism, dementia and learning disabilities enabling them to lead more independent lives through the help of trained dogs.

Our assistance dogs support both children and adults to provide practical support, enrich daily life and overcome specific challenges. Our community dogs work alongside a specialist handler in schools and colleges, hospitals and in social care. Over their lifetime, a community dog helps dozens of people to overcome challenges, supporting them to achieve goals such as development of life-skills, overcoming anxiety or engaging with physiotherapy, using techniques known as animal assisted intervention (AAI). Our Family Dog service offers training, guidance and ongoing support to parents of children on the autism spectrum enabling the whole family to benefit from the unique support a well-trained dog can bring.

We believe dogs are good for us and through a deeper understanding about them we can improve and enhance the lives of both dog and owner.

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