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Nadine Carr

Lady Nadine
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23rd July 2018
Afternoon Tea | Drinks | Tea | Victorian

Life is full of apparently random events and behaviours none being more so than those associated with our national beverage TEA

Since becoming an ambassador for the National Tea Day organisation my researches have unearthed some remarkable connections. How and where did it all begin? Why are there so many different types and what makes them taste so different? Who brought tea to Europe and when?

To my mind these are ’dry’ questions, I much prefer discovering, and talking about the strange and mysterious.

As to the strange & mysterious connection between St James and the Opium Poppy this will remain a mystery unless you invite me to talk to your group,

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About Nadine Carr

Who am I?

Well over the years I have been many people from a healing woman, bar keeper, a Suffragette and a stalwart of the WVS.

Most recently I have reduced my ‘time travelling’ exploits to focus on the Victorian era and this is the period my talks now relate to.

I am an experienced historical interpreter and public speaker having worked in schools, on historical sites and now giving talks to groups ranging from local Women’s Institutes, U3A & Rotary to luncheon clubs and on behalf of the National Tea Day organisation.

When giving a talk I am dressed in costume appropriate to a wealthy lady of late Victorian era and make use of a small number artefacts relevant to the topic.

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