Flowers, fans & fancies

Nadine Carr

Lady Nadine
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23rd July 2018
Victorian | Traditions | Social History

Wearing the wrong flower in your corsage or flicking your fan incorrectly could ruin your chances of attracting the young man of your fancy.

The language of flowers and the etiquette of fans were just part of what a young lady, newly presented to good society, needed to know.

When you engage Lady Nadine, a direct descendent of Charlotte de Vere , a courtesan at the Court of Charles II , to visit your group she will be assessing to see if you would be suited to become recruits to her academy.

This ’introductory lesson’ will also include aspects of deportment, conduct and dress. How will your group measure up?

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About Nadine Carr

Who am I?

Well over the years I have been many people from a healing woman, bar keeper, a Suffragette and a stalwart of the WVS.

Most recently I have reduced my ‘time travelling’ exploits to focus on the Victorian era and this is the period my talks now relate to.

I am an experienced historical interpreter and public speaker having worked in schools, on historical sites and now giving talks to groups ranging from local Women’s Institutes, U3A & Rotary to luncheon clubs and on behalf of the National Tea Day organisation.

When giving a talk I am dressed in costume appropriate to a wealthy lady of late Victorian era and make use of a small number artefacts relevant to the topic.

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