The history of Barwick-in-Elmet from earliest times to the 21st Century

Pauline Robson

Yorkshire & Humber
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7th July 2018

A light hearted look at the parish of Barwick-in-Elmet from the days of the iron age earthworks, the Norman church complete with Saxon stones, moving through the ages, including both World Wars to the present day.

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About Pauline Robson

I have a BA (Hons) degree in History and am an active local historian. I have been Editor of the Barwick-in-Elmet Historical Society's journal for ten years. My main area of historical interest is the Gascoigne Family who lived at Lotherton Hall. I have co-written a book about the Gascoignes and their chauffeur (he outlived all the Gascoignes whom he worked for) entitled 'The Spirit of Lotherton'. I am also an experienced family historian.

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