A Guide to Living with PTSD

Stephen Hadfield

Stephen Hadfield counselling and healthcare
North West
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Emergency (maybe less than one week's notice)
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15th July 2018
Mental Health

Stephen works as a counselling psychologist with victims of post traumatic stress disorder ranging from serious accident cases in the UK to war zone victims in the world's trouble spots.

This talk explains what PTSD is and how to recognise it and touches upon the new problem of Complex PTSD and it's connections with hostage survivors and abuse victims.

Stephen tells of his own experiences of PTSD following emergency heart surgery and how he now uses his experience to help others around the world.

Plenty of time is given for questions and answers at the end.

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About Stephen Hadfield

Stephen Hadfield unravels the mysteries and gobbledygook surrounding the world of 'talking therapies' in an entertaining and informative way with time for questions and answers at the end.

Stephen struggled with type 1 diabetes which he developed as a young man training in psychiatric nursing in the 1970s. Despite his health problems, he retrained in the law and pursued a long career as a medical lawyer until, at the age of 49, he suffered an almost fatal heart attack.

Starting again, Stephen took his skills and experience and returned to University to retrain as a counsellor and psychotherapist.

In between his work and speaking engagements, Stephen finds time to write novels and to travel around Europe in Hannibal, his 1969 Volvo Amazon.

'funny and inspiring!'. Dr Peter Wilson

'What a remarkable man'. Mrs KP

'I saw Stephen privately after attending one of his talks and I have to honestly say that he changed my life and helped me feel good about myself again following a serious car accident'. Robert Vincent PhD

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