Let,s Go home

Terry Fones

North West
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10th June 2018
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This presentation is an account of my wife and I driving home from Saudi Arabia to Cheshire by Landover. 6423 miles 13 countries and 121 nights sleeping in the Landrover. Exciting border crossings, snow blocked mountain passes and the hospitality of so many people on route.

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About Terry Fones

Terence Fones FRGS

I am a retired University instructor in orthodontics and Maxillo- facial technology who left Manchester University dental school to spend fifteen years as director of laboratories at King Saud University Dental School Riyadh.

During these years my wife and I drove to all the Gulf States including Yemen and crossed Rub Al Khali East to West in a long wheel base expedition Landrover.

On leaving the university we spent five months driving to the UK via Eastern Europe living in this land rover “Lets go home” is the story of that trip

I have been a leader on three British Exploring Society expeditions to Svalbard, Yukon and Oman as described in the synopsis of talks attached.

I was also a member of the independent British Melville island expedition to the Canadian High arctic to follow in the footsteps of Commander Parry who had been commissioned to find the North West passage.

I have presented these talks to the Royal Geographic society, Huddersfield University Geographical Society and a wide selection of Rotary and Probus clubs (men’s and women’s).

I am a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society

Thank you Terry

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