How to use a Defibrillator

Peter Savage

East Midlands
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31st December 2019
Defibrillators | Cardiac Arrest | Saving Lives

Although defibrillators are becoming more common and accessible, very few people have the basic knowledge to make good use of them.

They are now appearing in many public buildings - but how many people who pass through those buildings have the first idea of what is involved in using one - or when one should be used?

This talk gives basic familiarisation in the use of a defibrillator and the actions which will be required of the person using it - when it is appropriate to use one, and how to do give effective CPR and Rescue Breaths.

Properly used, defibrillators save lives.

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About Peter Savage

Early retired civil servant & later consultant - but not quite as boring as that sounds!! Enjoy delivering light-hearted talks to local clubs & organisations, eg, U3A. Various local interests and activities - Community First Responder and keen golfer!

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