Audrey Hepburn and her real war years followed by a short video of her films

Howard Slater

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25th August 2018
Biographical | Hollywood | Women | Film

The Hollywood image machine went into overdrive creating the myth of “Perfect Audrey,` the Resistance Worker”, to cover up the embarrassing truth about her past and her roots. But was she a Resistance Worker?

They claimed her father was an international banker (a lie) and that her mother was a Dutch noblewoman (which was true, but no one mentioned that she liked rich playboys).

Hollywood created this myth because Audrey had a lot of skeletons rattling around in her closet. As it turns out, her parents did some very bad things with some very bad people before and during World War II.

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Retired ex lecturer and qualified teacher. Have been lecturing and giving talks for over 30 years. The talks I give have been fully researched by myself and some include photographs acquired from around the world. All talks are approximately one hour and delivered through power point slides, videos and music if relevant.

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