Journey through the East End of London through slides, if time a sing song of old songs

Howard Slater

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25th August 2018
History | Local History | London | Social History

The East End is home to many people from all over the world and packed with history, the streets and buildings all having stories to tell. From the Huguenots to the Bengali’s, the area has been the destination of choice for waves of immigration over the years which have helped shaped this areas unique character It’s also the creative and cultural hub of London with the area being a world epicentre for high quality street art. There are galleries all over the place and historically the area was one of the places to be in Shakespearean London. This journey will take you around some of the streets of the East End and the aim of the journey is to give a flavour of the history and culture of the area: The East End is the home of "Cockney Rhyming Slang", a dialect of English where words are substituted for other words which they rhyme with. For example "Apples and Pears" is cockney slang for "Stairs"; "Plates of Meat" is slang for "Feet",

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About Howard Slater

Retired ex lecturer and qualified teacher. Have been lecturing and giving talks for over 30 years. The talks I give have been fully researched by myself and some include photographs acquired from around the world. All talks are approximately one hour and delivered through power point slides, videos and music if relevant.

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