1 Life - How To Be Living Your Dream Life in 24 Hours

Paul Darvell

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27th April 2018
Goal Setting | Personal Development | Small Business | Life Coach

Are you living your dream life? if not, why not?

If you are thinking that having a dream life is impossible or "not for people like me" - RUBBISH! In this 25-minute talk I will show you how to start living your dream life in just 24 hours. I am a normal guy from a normal background but I am able to live my dream life, so why can't you?

Living your dream life does not mean that you don't face struggles and challenges. It doesn't mean you have no goals left to achieve, that would just be boring! It does mean that you are deliberately following a certain path to an abundant future.

In this talk I will cover: • Valuing you • Identifying your dream life • Selecting the right goals for you • Creating balance in your life • Prioritising your dream life • Getting to action • Overcoming the dream life blockers

The information I share in this talk has changed my coaching clients lives for the better, are you ready to live your dream life?

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About Paul Darvell

Paul Darvell had a successful corporate career managing global technology teams in the Investment Management industry. Paul had it all, the career, the lifestyle, the big house, the flash cars and more. However, he was miserable and it took some major life events to make him realise that he was living someone else’s life, it certainly wasn’t his dream life.

Paul took a long hard look at his life, decided what he truly wanted and achieved it. Paul retired from the corporate word at 42 thanks to a property and business portfolio that he built whilst in full-time employment. Paul now fills his time overseeing his business interests, helping individuals and businesses to achieve success through his coaching and his Non-Executive Directorships. To find out more about Paul, visit http://www.darvell.eu/paul-darvell/.

Paul’s formula on how to achieve a dream life that he used himself and has taught others is the topic of his talks. Paul is a highly successful coach; client testimonials are available here: http://www.darvell.eu/testimonials/.

Paul delivers talks and presentations on the topic of Living Your Dream Life. The length of the talk can be tailored to suit the event with a minimum of 25 minutes. A copy of one such talk is available here: http://www.darvell.eu/speaking/.

Paul’s talks are well received by audiences, here are just some of the comments Paul has received:

“Excellent, relevant content to achieving a successful life journey and why you would want too. Lots of real examples which came across as very authentic” KC – Plymouth

“Your talk was well received by the audience. It was very thought provoking. Thank you for sharing your story!” AK – Basingstoke

“A quick note to say thanks for a great presentation … Good to hear refreshing content and some new ideas too”. RB - Hartley Wintney

“Very good presentation and delivery from Paul. To the point, genuine and really inspirational”. SB - Coventry

“The audience enjoyed this thought-provoking presentation”. WF - Southampton

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