Rupert, the Anthropomorphic bear

Howard Smith

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21st April 2018
Children | 1920S | Rupert | Tourtel

In 1920 a 46 year old woman was persuaded to draw an anthropomorphic bear for the Daily Express. Mary and her husband Herbert Tourtel created Rupert and his adventures which have thrilled generations of both adults and children and is to celebrate his centenary in 2020. This is the backstory of Rupert with the three official Rupert artists and how they made Rupert so successful with subliminal adult themes to their stories. Full of nostalgia, interest and humour this is a wondrous magical tale for adults. One hour lecture with extremely rare images from major Rupert collectors - fascinating.

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About Howard Smith

I am a retired graphic designer having worked in leading advertisiing agencies and with my own company for 35 years. My lectures are Graphic Design based where art is used for a defined purpose. I have always been involved in research to understand better communcation and each of my subjects have had a lifetime of research which I use to create fascinating, entertaining and educational hour lectures.

I am a Collector, Historian and Lecturer and specialise in Children's Publications and 1930s documentary films. I have had nationwide exhibitions on the 1950s Eagle and Dan Dare, I am a recognised author on Rupert from the Daily Express, publisher of many Social History books and having worked on Royal Mail Education I have a speciality in 1930s documentary films.

My talks are highly graphic and have a vintage film content.

Currently I am an accredited Arts Society lecturer. I have in Feb 2018 completed a tour of Cyprus for U3A and am also a speaker for local WI and Historical Societies. I speak at National Conventions on Dan Dare and Rupert.

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