Creating The Accountability Culture: The Science of Life Changing Leadership


Change Innovators Inc
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14th April 2018

Yvonne’s high-energy presentations captivate audiences each and every time. Yvonne challenges our fundamental beliefs about leadership, performance and accountability. She loves to ask and explore the tough questions like: Who Manages YOU Best? The answer is always the same, “I do of course”. So why do we think our employees are any different then we are. They simply want an opportunity to lead themselves. Yvonne uses accepted research in Neuroscience and NeuroLeadership to challenge our fundamental beliefs about people performance and responsible self-management. Yvonne takes her audience on a journey of exploration into how to shift from victim to empowerment and where corporate culture can evolve into places where honesty, self-leadership and a true sense of personal accountability can flourish. Yvonne shares a roadmap and her unique Accountability Model. She is generous with all of her materials and truly believes in sharing all that she knows in order to assist corporations in moving towards becoming a Culture of Accountability.

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About ythompson

Yvonne Thompson is a leading expert in the field of leadership and organizational culture. She is known for her highly progressive approach to creating positive energy and high performance teams through her learning and development interventions that underpin long-term sustainable change. With a focus on the development of an Accountability Culture that comes from the inside out she works closely with individual leaders and teams to create new energy organizations. She has a Masters of Arts in Leadership from Royal Roads University, British Columbia Canada. She is the author of two books. . Business Expert Press (publisher) will release her third book, Creating The Accountability Culture; The Science of Life Changing Leadership in May of 2018. She has worked extensively with leading organizations across North America and Europe building alignment, and a true sense of being that has life changing results for the individual leader, their team and their organization. Yvonne is currently the President of Change Innovators Inc®

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