Are you for real? a keynote on transforming self limiting beliefs

David Hopkins

Notice Period:
Regular (more than one month's notice)
Paid: £50 plus travel expenses
16th November 2015

David is an award-winning speaker with the ASC and Toastmasters International. He's President of East Midlands Speakers Club and associate member of the Professional Speakers Association.

David is a professional children's entertainer. He's an enthusiastic speaker and active supporter of WaterAid, providing workshops and presentations in schools throughout the Midlands. He's also an Ambassador for Rainbows Children's Hospice. David has listed a number of talks;

10 tips to make you a better speaker - simple steps from champion speakers

Are you for real? a keynote on transforming self limiting beliefs

Latex, Magic & Mayhem - finding my vocation as a children's entertainer

Manscaping - a lighthearted look at the extent men go to to make themselves more attractive

Seventy times seven - forgiveness can bring about dramatic life changes for the forgiver!

Don't blame me! I'm responsible! - moving away from blaming put you back in control of your life

The simple solution - about the work of WaterAid charity (free/donation)

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