The Seven Ages of Man Through Poetry

Melissa Jane Gray

North West
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12th April 2018
Poetry | Shakespeare | War Poetry

Using the famous 'Seven Ages of Man' speech from Shakespeare's 'As You Like It', Melissa explores the themes of Birth right through to Death, using some of the Nation's Favourite Poems to illustrate. Don't worry - there are plenty of laughs in there too!!! Available with or without slides and music.

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About Melissa Jane Gray

Melissa has worked for 30 years as a professional voice-over, actor and singer, working regularly for BBC Radio 4. Through an initial involvement with the W.I., she added the strings of Public Speaking to her professional bow a few years ago, and has now gained much experience - including addressing 2000+ ladies at the Lancashire Federation W.I. Autumn General Meeting at the King Georges Hall in Blackburn.

Melissa speaks on various subjects, usually concerning the performance arts - and with a good dousing of humour.

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