The Enigma Machine

Anna Manning

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North West
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15th April 2019
Ww2 Codebreaking Turing Enigma

This talk explains how codebreaking was carried out at Bletchley Park during World War 2. The talk is suitable for anyone who can achieve grade C at GCSE maths or above. I cover how the Enigma machine worked, why the codes were so difficult to break, and the methods used by the codebreakers. The talk can be tailored to a given group and the length is flexible - suggested length 45 mins - 1 hour

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About Anna Manning

I am a freelance author and data scientist. The aim of my work is to make computer-related subjects accessible to everyone.

My first book covered databases for small businesses. My second, which I am in the middle of writing, looks at codebreaking during the second world war.

My background is in academia, working as a computer scientist at Manchester University. I have two postagraduate degrees in computer science (PhD and Masters) and two undergraduate degrees (mathematics and law).

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