Monkey Puzzle Miscellany – Stories you have probably never heard about Monkey Puzzle trees

David Gedye

East of England
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16th March 2018
Monkey Puzzles | Trees | Pinetum | Gardening

During my research into my great-great-grandfather’s Monkey Puzzle tree, the greatest ever grown in Europe in the 19th century, I uncovered fascinating tales about other interesting Monkey Puzzle trees up and down the British Isles. This illustrated talk shares these stories with you.

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About David Gedye

I studied Agricultural Botany at university and became a plant pathologist before working in a variety of roles in the agricultural industry, but my hobby interest has been gardening. In that context I follow in the footsteps of one of my forebears, a Victorian head gardener named Philip Frost.

As a child I was told he grew the first Monkey Puzzle tree to be grown in England. Researching that story and the history of the Monkey Puzzle became one of my passions which has taken me on an interesting journey.

My illustrated talks are based on my family story and my wider research into the history of the Monkey Puzzle's introduction into the British Isles.

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