From Bedpan to Pen!

Joy Wood

Yorkshire & Humber
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25th January 2018
Author | Nursing | Nurse | Writing

My talk is about the transition from nurse to writer. I interject some humour into the talk to keep the audience entertained. I talk briefly about my NHS role and my reasons for wanting to write a book. I then go on to talk about the 'journey' I made from writing a book (to see if I could) in the first instance, to then writing two more and the success I've had. The talk is suitable for all ages, male and female. I usually stand at the front of the audience and talk (with some hand held prompts), or deliver a power point presentation for larger groups; I do a free raffle for all attending (one of my books being the prize!)

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About Joy Wood

I am a nurse and wrote a book three years ago (to see if I could) and fortunately people seemed to like it. I have since written and published three more. My talk (From Bedpan to Pen!) is a humorous talk about the transition from nurse to writer. I have been delivering it to WI's/ladies luncheon clubs, and author events. I discuss briefly the NHS (I've since been asked back to organisations just to talk about the NHS!) - and then go onto talk about the challenges of writing a book (everyone has one in them!), and marketing a book once it's been edited. The audience seem to enjoy 'my journey' and appear delighted to hear about my success. I haven't got a holiday home in the Caribbean on the royalties from my books just yet, but I'm working on it! My talk is suitable for all ages, and while I write women's fiction therefore that is the intended audience, I have had males in the audience who seem to enjoy it also.

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