The Lancashire Witches Walk - that changed history and English Law

Ian Thornton-Bryar

South East
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13th January 2018

This presentation covers how and why the 51 mile walk was wanted and designed, In doing so, it brings up issues like: Why there were witches; Why the then King (James 1st of England) hated witches; Why did the magistrates and then the Justices focus on them; Why these witches became nationally known (one book on them has remained in print for over 100 years!); Why the current sovereign's poet laureate wrote a poem about the witches; Why these events changed legal precedents through most of the old British Empire; How did they enable the hanging of 19 more witches being hung in Salem, Massachusetts!

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About Ian Thornton-Bryar

Ian Thornton-Bryar is a retired Management/ Marketing/IT Consultant, who has worked in Europe, USA and 4 years in the Middle East. He is widely qualified, and was a university statistics/OR lecturer who brought the pass rate even further up, also improving average grades, by making the course fun. He is a member of the Ethics committee of the British Computer Society (the relevant Chartered Professional body). His hobby was was leading history walks, which were so popular he was asked to design The Lancashire Witches Walk Guide, which was featured on BBC's "Countryfile" on Easter Sunday 2017. He also speaks at Universities on Ethics in the IT industry.

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